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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Epoxy Coating in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley

Because epoxy coatings are seamless (don’t have any cracks or crevices) and by their very nature repellant to dust, dirt, and are antimicrobial, they make for not only a safer flooring solution but also a cleanlier one.

Whether you have or are interested in applying epoxy to your garage, kitchen, bedroom, or basement, there are a few simple epoxy cleaning rules and methods that will ensure your coating remains beautiful and healthy for years to come.

Here’s a quick overview with a more detailed explanation below:

Sweep your floors regularly (As needed). Most of your cleaning duties will be performed with a soft dust mop, which can be purchased at most home improvement stores in your neighborhood. Dust and dirt do not stick to epoxy surfaces, combined with a seamless floor makes wiping down your floor quick and simple and is only needed once or twice every two weeks to one month depending on the amount of traffic.
Mop your floors weekly to keep them looking great (Some prefer once every 2 weeks – 1 Month)
For small spills on your coating, simply wipe them with a towel and they should come right off. It is recommended to wipe any liquid off of the epoxy as soon as possible. Although epoxy coatings are sealed and prevent most substances from soaking into the floor, blemished and stains to the surface can at times occur depending on the substance.
If you find your epoxy coating is in need of heavy duty cleaning, it is best to first clear the floor of any dust or debris before giving it a good scrub with a hard foam mop soaked in ammonia and warm water. Be careful not to scratch or peel your epoxy as some coatings that are not applied properly may become damaged when subjected to a good brushing.
If you find your coating is covered with a thin film that is clouding the color and shine of your epoxy, follow the above steps to remove this thin film and restore your epoxy to look good as new.

A few important points:

Cleaning/Mopping your epoxy coating too frequently can cause a thin soapy film to dull the appearance of your floors. If you find this is occurring, use the steps mentioned above to scrub this thin layer off and be sure to clean thoroughly so any left over residue does not appear on other parts of the coating.

Using abrasive/acidic cleaners is absolutely not recommended and can potentially damage your epoxy coating. Using soap based cleaners are also not recommended as they may cause your coating to lose its shine and make for a much more slippery surface especially when wet.


A Protective Barrier

When performing maintenance on a vehicle in your garage, be sure to place a soft mat or towel below any equipment such as a jack that will bear a heavy load as any sharp edges combined with this weight may dig into or scratch your coating.

To sum up, cleaning and maintaining epoxy coatings require a minimal amount of work and in their worst cases, simply need a wet scrubbing with a safe cleaning agent. Depending on foot traffic, some clients find it necessary to clean more frequently than others but in most cases a few times a month to every three or four months is all that is necessary to ensure your epoxy coating remains clean and healthy for many years to come.