If you have tile in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your home, then you have probably wondered why your tile and grout gets dirty so easily.

WE BRING YOUR TILE BACK TO LIFE! LifeStyle Cleaning and Restoration can help make your tired tile and grout appear brand new through cleaning and restoration.

Every time you mop your tile floors you leave behind a soapy scum that makes your floors look dull and lifeless. The grout between the tile is a very porous material and absorbs soil causing your grout lines to look dirty and discolored.

Proper Tile and Grout cleaning requires extensive training and experience to prevent damage to your flooring. That’s where our certified experts at LifeStyle Cleaning and Restoration can help.
Our crews use high pressure equipment, specialized agitation brush and specific non-toxic solutions to break down and remove years worth of built up dirt and grime. By removing the debris that can weaken the grout, we can extend the life of your floors.
Tile and grout cleaning is truly one of the messiest jobs around! Of course, that depends on how often you have your tile and grout cleaning done. If you call us every quarter then the job is not nearly as bad as if you wait 5 years. You would actually realize just how much better it would make you feel. There is nothing like coming home to a house that is clean and fresh!

WE CAN... Remove mineral deposits, Hard water stains, remove and clean mildew, clean soap film or soap scum, apply sealer, tile replacements, tile repairs.

LifeStyle Cleaning and Restoration skillfully accomplishes the proper cleaning of ceramic tile. Whether your tile is in your kitchen, bathroom, or some other area of your home, those stubborn stains, and soil don’t stand a chance. Your tile and grout will look very much as it did the day it was installed.
We are dedicated to helping you keep your home healthy, clean, and always looking its best. The solution to difficult ceramic tile and grout cleaning is just a phone call away.