AIR DUCT CLEANING Breath clean air at your home. No more dirt, mold, bacteria, mildew.

LifeStyle Cleaning and Restoration is your #1 choice for the best air duct cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA and all surrounding cities. We are proud of our quality of professional services. Each one of our technicians is trained to be an expert in air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning industry. We are dedicated to our customers and a good customer service is very important to us.

AIR DUCT CLEANING and VENT CLEANERS We use 100% organic cleaning products

The frequency of cleaning your air vents depends a lot on your living conditions. Some things to consider would be if you have pets, the type of carpeting, smoking, and other factors. Our technicians are fully trained to change and clean any type of filter.
LifeStyle Cleaning and Restoration does mold removal service with the end result being that your home becomes mold free. There are many companies that will make huge claims without actually cleaning and removing any mold from the air ducts and homes. Don’t let a company scam you and charge you to do nothing.
Fungus and bacteria can collect inside the ducts that will make your allergies flair up. We can take care of your ventilation cleaning needs. An air duct cleaning service should provide you with great service all while charging reasonable prices.
Ventilation cleaning services are affordable with us. We will not cut quality to save you money either. You get both and a high level of service. Our customer service specialist are knowledgeable about the services that we offer and will answer any questions you may have about mold removal services and air duct cleaning. Act fast and call today to schedule your appointment today.

RELIABLE AND EXPERIENCED We know effective, affordable and eco friendly ways related to the air duct and vent cleaning process.
Dirty duct’s means that any particles trapped inside your ducts can potentially circulate through your home or business. Every time you’re heater or air conditioner activates dirt, dust, animal dander, pollen, mold spores, and more could be blown in from your vents. Cleaning you’re duct’s and vent’s ensures that nothing but air will be circulated through your ductwork, improving comfort, health, and safety.