Upholstery Steam Cleaning Steam cleaning remove stains, imbedded dirt and odors from most upholstered furniture.

Upholstery Steam Cleaning of a 3 seat sofa.

  • Clients : Private Residence
  • Category : Upholstery Steam Cleaning
  • Completed : 30 April, 20168
  • Value : $120
  • Advisor : Chris Hemsworth
  • Location : Valley Village, CA

PROJECT CHALLENGE Food Spills, Stains and Glue

You and your family spend hours sitting on your favorite chairs, couches and sectionals. You owe it to yourself to keep them clean. A couch acts as a giant air filter in your home, filling with airborne dust over time. This dust then combines with the dander and body oil that have become trapped in the upholstery, and eventually, in the foam. So you can understand why we recommend professional furniture cleaning. With regular cleanings you can keep these delicate fabrics looking, feeling and smelling good.


"LifeStyle Cleaning and Restoration did a great job on our furniture. Two sofas and six dining room chairs and all looks beautiful. It took a little bit longer than quoted, but the result was so worth the wait. The price was fair. They are professional, responsible and just really nice people. I highly recommend their services.”

Mark - North Hollywood, CA