After the finished construction project at a local clinic in North Hollywood, CA, the next step was to make it usable. We offered a detailed clean-up job to get rid of debris, dust, and the rest of the mess generated by the construction process. While the builders are probably not janitorial experts, LifeStyle Cleaning is. We worked efficiently and effectively to get the new clinic clean and in working order.

  • Clients : Post Construction
  • Category : Clinic Healthcare
  • Completed : 30 Aug, 2017
  • Value : $1500
  • Advisor : Dylan
  • Location : North Hollywood, CA


  • Window Label Removal and Track Cleaning
  • Full Dust Removal Service
  • Light Fixture Cleaning
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Scrubbing
  • Cabinet and Mill Work Cleaning
  • Carpet Vacuuming
  • Trash and Debris Removal
  • Baseboard, Threshold, and Electrical Outlet Cleaning

POST-CONSTRUCTION CLEAN-UP Benefits of choosing LifeStyle Cleaning

Completing a construction or renovation project is difficult enough without having to deal with the post-project cleanup. To eliminate the entire mess, construction companies and facility managers turn to LifeStyle Cleaning. From wall to wall and ceiling to floor, our construction cleanup crews will ensure that your project shines when all is said and done.

  • Your project gets the right kind of help at the right time so that you can finish your construction cleanup projects.
  • Custom pricing, scheduling and services, based on your industry and your needs.


Subcontractor agrees to provide labor, equipment and materials to clean window glass and frame work inside and out, wipe down all lighting, diffusers and ceiling devices, signage, shelving, casework, counters, wood work, doors, frames, columns and surrounds, window sills, etc., mop wipe down all cove base, and mop stockroom to provide a completely clean, dust free store ready to open by punch list day per plans, notes and specifications. 3,000sqft. Cleanings are scheduled to begin according to dates and times listed below and should be completed within 8hrs.


Project looks brand-new, dust-free and ready for use.


Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning
Vinyl Stripping and Waxing
Vinyl Stripping and Waxing
Upholstery Steam Cleaning
Upholstery Steam Cleaning
Area Rugs Steam Cleaning
Area Rugs Steam Cleaning