Commercial Floor Cleaning Contractor for Schools and Facilities Take the opportunity to strip and seal the floors while the students are at home!

We service commercial buildings, including apartments, schools, houses of worship, restaurants and more.

WE SPECIALIZE IN PROFESSIONAL DISINFECTION OF ALL SURFACES TO ELIMINATE CONTAMINATION FROM VIRUSES INCLUDING CORONAVIRUS THAT CAN REMAIN ALIVE FOR MANY DAYS IF NOT TREATED. We specialize in disinfecting and sensitization of vinyl floors and carpets in School classrooms. We disinfect surfaces, like tables, chairs, door handles and other commonly used surfaces. We also will disinfect bathrooms and other highly trafficked areas. WE CLEAN ONLY UNOCCUPIED BUILDINGS.

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We also provide stripping, waxing and sealing of the building’s floors. We are a Commercial Schools Floor Cleaning Contractor.

Let us electrify your Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) flooring with our deep cleaning, and wet look shine floor coating and polishing. Our team will help your business facility look bright, cheery, and unbelievably clean to project a positive image to your customers.

Your customers will believe that your business is brand new or has just been remodeled. We provide full floor refinishing services, including deep vinyl tile floor cleaning, stripping, waxing,

We are a commercial floor cleaning contractor. We specialize in commercial floor maintenance. In fact, our services include buffing, burnishing, stripping, waxing, and re-polishing floors.

We'll help you make a positive first impression with our top-notch services.

The first glimpse a customer has of a company often makes the best impact. Therefore, having a clean, shiny floor is a crucial factor for a business' first impression. In fact, studies show that clean floors help improve a company's employees productivity.

Industries We Service in Floor Maintenance Schools and Facilities

We provide floor maintenance services to any type of commercial building, Educational, Healthcare, Retail, Restaurants and MORE!!!
Different floors require different care. Following proper standards will prolong the life of your flooring. Of course, applying the wrong products will shorten it. We've all noticed commercial floors that have been neglected. Even worse, companies who don't know the proper procedures can create more harm than good.
We schedule appointments around your busy schedule and arrive on time for Commercial Disinfecting Floor Cleaning Contractor for Schools and Facilities
We coordinate all work so as not to disrupt your operation. 
Our services for school floor cleaning is for private and public schools, and daycare facilities. We offer floor buffing, maintenance, as well as stripping and waxing. Let us know ahead of time, which school vacations are best for your schedule so that we can coordinate the job. Major floor cleaning will require moving furniture in and out of the classrooms. You can trust us that we will get the job done right and within your budget.
Our medical office floor cleaning services are superior. We will disinfect your office floor so you can keep your focus on your patients and their health. Call today to receive a free quote for your medical office!
The overall appearance of a business is crucial for making a good, lasting impression on customers. Studies show that customers feel confident and spend more time in a clean store. Contact us today to learn how we can provide your store with the professional floor cleaning services.
By having your restaurant floor professionally cleaned, you will be adhering to Health laws. Also, you will also be creating a better environment for your customers. Studies show that a clean floor in a restaurant make visitors stay and order more and give better tips! When it comes to commercial restaurant cleaning, LifeStyle Cleaning and Restoration is committed to exceeding your expectations.
Concrete floor cleaning plays an important role in the maintenance of your industrial warehouse. We provide commercial concrete floor cleaning and polishing services in the Southern California area.

FINALLY! A PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL FLOOR CLEANING SERVICES COMPANY Floor Disinfecting and Polishing to make your Floors Shine Again!

Why should I buff my commercial floors?

First impressions do matter when operating a commercial business. However, it's not always easy, especially when it comes to taking care of commercial floors.

Sweeping and mopping floors removes dust and debris. However, that isn’t enough when trying to WOW your customers. In order to make your floors truly sparkle, you should have them regularly buffed and polished.

Buffing floors consists of using a rotary scrubbing machine that resembles a traditional vacuum cleaner. However, the scrubbing machine actually works like a sander to buff floor surfaces.

In addition, we strip and reapply wax as a part of our floor-polishing services. Floor wax is durable. That's why stripping and reapplication isn’t necessary for every floor-buffing service. For example, the amount of foot traffic usually determines the timing for waxing. That's why, an average timeline for wax-stripping is between six months and one year. Contact us for a quote for Commercial Disinfecting Floor Cleaning Contractor for Schools and Facilities today!

We are fully insured.