Commercial Floor Stripping and Waxing in Los Angeles - Commercial Floor Stripping Buffing Waxing Sealing - Lifestyle Cleaning

If your business has vinyl, linoleum, VCT, or epoxy-coated flooring, you’re a good candidate for our commercial floor cleaning services. Your building can remain open while we work. Our team follows strict safety protocol that includes warning signs and orange cones to divert traffic from floors being worked on. Our professionals are timely and precise with their movements, ensuring there are no imperfections in the sealant and wax.

Floor Stripping
We’ll remove the top coating of wax along with years of dirt and grime. Afterwards the floor is completely bare like the day it was newly installed.
Once the floor is stripped, we proceed to apply a high-quality sealer and then buff it to produce a bright shine. Our sealer will help extend the floors lifespan along with reducing marks and scratches.
The final touch is applying multiple layers of even high strength wax. It will protect the floor throughout the seasons and shine like new.