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The world of cleaning technology and products is becoming more and more advanced. The customer’s requirements are growing and small and large customers alike demand satisfying results with individual customer attention and an exceptional cleaning experience. Our attitude is very simple. We place the customer at the center. We have purchased the best equipment with green products, trained the most skilled technicians and have made the cleaning process simple and effective. Our prices are competitive and worthwhile.

LifeStyle cleaning was established in 2005 and since then has specialized in various cleaning services such as carpet and upholstery steam cleaning, area rugs, and hard floors, including tile and grout, vinyl stripping, waxing and buffing, and wood floor refinishing services.

We have customers in every field from private residences to commercial firms, building management companies, offices, government contracts, educational institutions, and more. Our company sees customer service and the quality of our services as prime values. We have therefore developed a “Customer Club” app that makes it possible for our customers to easily book appointments, get great discounts, and participate in a referral program for generous credits. Customers can also read and post comments to offer suggestions on improving our service.

We are also ready to provide our services after business hours. Our control process is the reason that customers can be secure and relax. Quick response to cleaning requests, efficient scheduling, timely dispatching, tracking and rewarding of technicians’ performance based on customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Customers save money with our convenient and practical pricing system and have the confidence that they don’t pay a dime until they agree to the cleaning quote. We develop purpose-driven quotes for largescale commercial companies and institutions so that you know you’re getting the best value for your business.

This is what makes the difference between our customers and customers from other cleaning companies. We provide comprehensive and high quality service leaving our customers happy with a clean, fresh and uplifting environment and knowing that they received the best, affordable service. We are LifeStyle Cleaning we are the new mode

Our History

The world is only going forward, and we’re happy to lead the way in the cleaning industry..

Opening LifeStyle Cleaning

We didn’t get to where we are today by following the status quo.

2001 - 2006
Met our 5 year milestone of success.

Instead, we’ve always made it a point to take our own path and make our own history.

2006 - 2011
10 Year anniversary and Trademark!

And today, as we continue to strive for new ways to evolve our business and client offerings even more, we invite you on this retrospective of growth and accomplishment.

Started the Franchise

At the center of all we've ever done is the guiding tenet to always do right by the client. And in 2016 we put our money where our mouth is with the introduction of our franchise program.


Watch us on the field

Here we are steam cleaning 120 office chairs for a commercial client in the city of Los Angeles.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Vinyl Stripping and Waxing

Vinyl Stripping and Waxing

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

Area Rugs Steam Cleaning

Area Rugs Steam Cleaning

Newyork Heights

Newyork Heights

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Howdy, I am Martin from England, I am founder, CEO and working at Iceland company.



Howdy, I am Martin from England, I am founder, CEO and working at Iceland company.



Howdy, I am Martin from England, I am founder, CEO and working at Iceland company.

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